About The Academy

Our curriculum is directed at building the student’s strength, focus, creativity and love for dance by exploring
and expanding their talents in order to develop physical, social and intellectual skills in the art of dance.
We provide our students with the traditions and discipline of the well-founded Russian Vaganova style of
ballet. We offer professional dance instruction for all ages, regardless of whether a student’s goal is a career
in dance or is purely recreational.

A recreational dancer can gain discipline and self confidence through the physical and mental
accomplishments that come from positive dance instruction. Our professional instructors provide the more
serious student with knowledge and preparation necessary for a career in dance.
Ballet is a science of the body and an art of the mind: our training embraces the development of the dancer’s
potential from the first day of class.

What is Vaganova Style?

Vaganova style is a ballet teaching method created by Agrippina Vaganova in 1948. It is a fusion of French
romantic ballet, Russian artistry, and Italian athleticism. It focuses on the harmonious movement of the
dancer’s body with particular emphasis on proper placement and alignment of the body. This focus on
core strength allows for greater stability and mobility, and also lends a light effortless quality to jumps and
turns. The Vaganova method also emphasizes a very lyrical usage of the arms and hands, allowing for a high
degree of artistic expression. The Vaganova method is characterized by impeccable precision, attention to
detail, energetic style, ease of execution and emotion-evoking grace. The Vaganova method was adopted
by the Soviet Union for use in its ballet school, and it continues to be the foundation for classical ballet
technique and training throughout Russia, Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Levels and Learning Process

Upon enrollment all students attending Naples Academy of Ballet take a trial placement class. Our teachers
will determine at which level the student is to begin taking classes. Children’s class levels are Pre-Ballet
through Ballet Level 4; students who have never taken a dance class before will automatically be placed
in the first level available for their age group. Students will advance in level on an individual basis at the
discretion of our teachers. In each level the students will follow a structured curriculum that is appropriate
for their maturity and physical development, and is designed to increase their skill and stamina. Please note
that students are not necessarily promoted annually as they are in an academic setting. In order to advance
in level the student must demonstrate to the teacher that s/he is both technically and mentally prepared
for the next level of instruction. Regular attendance and consistent effort in class are an essential part of
developing the skills to advance to the next level.

Technical corrections are a regular part of dance education and should not be viewed negatively. Our
teachers are professional ballet dancers with years of training and experience and they offer only constructive
corrections: trust them and try to apply their comments. Most corrections will apply to all students of similar
ability levels so it is also a good idea to listen to what is said to your fellow students. Ballet training is about
learning to love the process. Classes should be hard work, but should also be enjoyable. Successful students
will try their best during every class without having to be urged to do so by the instructor. Like many things
in life, when it comes to ballet, students will get out what they put in. Students who consistently work hard
will find themselves experiencing the joy of achieving their goals and creating beautiful art.