Home School Program

 Homeschool Programs

both options are by audition only

Homeschool Pre Professional Company Program 

  • 6 classes during the day and all regular level classes total 16 classes per week
  • Unlimited classes at dancers’ level and below
  • YAGP classes
  • Performance fees for Nutcracker and Spring ballet
  • Outside event performance fees
  • Company picture in playbill
  • Company only events
    It will be parent’s responsibility to choose homeschool program, register with county or private umbrella school.Naples Ballet will offer study time only. We will not be conducting academic classes or tutoring of any kind.

    If you have questions on the many online and local homeschool options, please see Jessica.

    Monthly cost $600

    Homeschool classes only option

    For students that would like to attend the Tuesday and Thursday 9:30-2 pm day classes only.

    Monthly cost $250

    For more information or to set up an audition please call 239-732-1000 or email dance@naplesacademyofballet.com

    Fall schedule starts August 10th